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Let me tell you a little about us:

Let me tell you a little about us.

Tom is a professional firefighter   In his spare time he helps when he can with the dogs.   Tom has a love for all animals and creatures alike. And they in return, share their love with him.
I don't think their is an animal alive that he can't approach.He just seems to have that special touch.

Lorie was brought up around animals most of her life. Dogs, cats, cows, chickens, ducks, pigs, etc. She always wanted to be an animal doctor. But she never persued it.

She bred and raised peek-apos and Dalmatians for several years before moving to the Fredericksburg area.

Lorie ,also worked for a Lab breeder and trained the drug dogs as well as general cleaning of runs, feeding, medications, etc. I just hated to see my pups go to the bomb squad, it tore my heart out. I knew they were doing it for a good reason, but , I always, feared for their lives, if they messed up.The drug dogs, were another thing.I knew they weren't really in great danger.Working with them and Trish was great.

She worked several years on dairy farms in North Carolina & Virginia milking cows and caring for calves. Including treating cows for mastis, milk fever, and helped with vet checks. Baby calves were wormed, vitamin injections, as well as routine care.

She also worked at an animal hospital . Caring for cats and dogs. Bathing, feeding, walking, nail trimming. Watching them after they came out of surgery.

 From 2000 - 2006 time period, I raised exotic  reptiles , and I did quite a bit of research in the area, and still have people call me about their  problems with their animals and what to do. I love all animals and care about their welfare.

I like to work the shy pups or the pups that have attitudes and turn them around. It is a fun and rewarding adventure for me to feel as if ;I have helped this animal come from a mess to sucess.I have turned 3 around so far, in less than four months, it makes me so happy.

And then, there is my oldest son Eric ;who just loves our Myha. And wants her for his own. I can't wait to see him with the pups after they are born.When he's not rock climbing and writing his Geico policies.

The middle son, is at The College of William And Mary in his Junior year. Making us very proud of him. He has worked very hard to make his own way through college with very little help from us. Our hearts go out to him.

And the youngest, loves just about all the dogs.But, Myha is is favorite, also. And when the pups come. There will be alot of socialization, you can bet on that. Maybe that will get him away from World of War Craft for a bit.That's his relaxant, after the mailroom ,all day.

And there are others that stick there hands in too, and you know who you are. And we love you and thank you for all your help in this business and helping it to suceed.

And of course we have to ad a piece about our vet :


I use to work in the same animal hospital, where Dr, Guth worked.I would watch her work with the animals as , I could from a distance as I would the other doctors. It was something about the way see speaks to them and they re-act back to her, I just feel in love with the way she cared for the animals. And ever since ,she has been the one who has seen all my animals. Whether she has came out and saw them or ,they were seen in the office. . She just is the greatest ,ever. All my animals love her.And we do too. Without her, our business, wouldn't be what it is.


If you are in need of a great vet , give her a try,. You can't go wrong.

She is locate at:878 Garrisonville Rd.Stafford, Va.22445  (540)659-8140    www.agahvet.com

I was meant for this business, and will succeed.