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We would like to get input back from our customers as well as helpful hints in better ways to service and help you. If you are a person just passing through , we'd even like to hear from you , too.Making our customers happy is a good policy. We strive to do our very best to answer e-mails as soon as we can and answer all that we can. If we don't know the answers , we'll find someone who does. If you don't find what you are looking for here, we'll go out of our way to help you find it.So, any comments or suggestions to help our sales or our services to you would be greatly appreciated. Drop us a line just to get the mud off your back, it always helps. But, no slandering other breeders here.I work with other breeders to find customers what I don't have. So, we will have none of that here.

Thank you for visiting our site. You come back and see us soon. We will be adding new Morphs of Dragons.So, in order to know what we have , you just gotta come back.