Creek Side Howling Huskies

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Welcome To Creek Side Howling Huskies

Let me start by welcoming you to Creekside Howling Huskies Website. The old website of T and L dragons. We no longer do reptiles, sorry.But, I'm still willing to guide you and help you in any way ,I can with all the research and care we did; in the reptile business.

We are a small scale breeder of Quality AKC Registered  Siberian Huskies, in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I did a lot of research on Huskies , after taking in a friends husky that she couldn't keep. I always wanted a husky as a child and never had one. After getting Sasha, it become an obsession. I had to have more.


The Siberian Husky

For questions or more information, use the e-mail link below
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